F5J European Championship 2021

2021 FAI F5J European Championship for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders, seniors and juniors  (for male and female)        is rescheduled to 2022, Szatymaz, Hungary.       Confirmed by CIAM Bureau. 

Dear F5J competitors and friends,

After more than 2 years of preparation, I regret to inform you that the Hungarian Modelling Association and the Szeged Modelling Society WILL NOT ORGANIZE the F5J European Championship in 2021.

The reasons for the decision are as follows:

1. The Covid-19 epidemic situation is continuously improving in Hungary and Europe.

2. In Hungary:

- We successfully organized the first F5J competition of the year on 8-9 May 2021, with 23 participants.

- Outdoor sports competitions can be organised for up to 500 participants

- There is no mask wearing requirement for outdoor events

3. However, there are still significant risks associated with Covid-19 across Europe.

- The epidemic is not yet over and diseases are still occurring

- Travel conditions and options between countries are uncertain.

- There are unpredictable quarantine obligations across Europe

4. Representatives of several countries have indicated that they have not been able to hold competitions and training sessions for the past 1.5 years due to the restrictions on Covid-19, thus not having the opportunity to prepare properly and select a national team.

5. Only 16 countries indicated their participation in the pre-registration, many of them only conditionally.

In view of the above conditions, we do not see possibility to organise the F5J European Championships in 2021.

If the Covid-19 epidemic situation allows, the Hungarian Modelling Association and the Szeged Modelling Society intend to organize the F5J European Championship in 2022.

Laszlo Marko   (31-May-2021)


Special prizes:    

             For male senior winner:    F5J ULTIMA 2 model              from Vortex Soaring:         https://vortex-soaring.com

           For male junior winner: F5J PRESTIGE 2PK model    from Samba Model:        https://www.f3j.com

 Sponsorship of Trophies for competitors of podium               from Vladimir's Model:    https://f3j.in.ua

Szatymaz Airport

5 pcs small wooden houses for 2-3 persons on the airfield. (33 Euros/night)

 Bathroom and toilet are outside of the wooden houses.

4 rooms (with 2 beds) on the first floor of the main building

These rooms are booked for Jury during European Championship