F5J European Championship 2020
2020 FAI F5J European Championship for RC Electric Powered Model Aircraft, seniors and juniors         (for male and female) will be organized on 23 - 29 August 2020 Szatymaz, Hungary 

     Special prizes:

     For male senior winner: F5J ULTIMA 2 model            from Vortex Soaring   https://vortex-soaring.com

     For male junior winner: F5J PRESTIGE 2PK model    from Samba Model     https://www.f3j.com

Szatymaz Airport

5 pcs small wooden houses for 2-3 persons on the airfield. (33 Euros/night)

 Bathroom and toilet are outside of the wooden houses.

4 rooms (with 2 beds) on the first floor of the main building

These rooms are booked for Jury during European Championship